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Advantages of Wrought Iron Railings for your Toronto Home


Wrought Iron Railings: The Best Railing Material?

Wrought Iron Railings TorontoWrought iron has been a popular material for centuries, being used to create a wide range of structures (the world famous Eiffel tower is constructed from wrought iron) and products, and today it remains one of the most in-demand materials used in the production of railings for both residential and commercial properties. How do we know this? Master Iron concentrates all of its efforts on producing the highest quality wrought iron railings, metal fences and gates, and has become the best railings company in Toronto over the course of the last 20 years. We have produced custom wrought iron railings for hundreds of clients in the communities of Toronto,Vaughan and Richmond Hill, largely owing to the large range of benefits that this material can offer if used correctly. If you have decided that your property needs railings, but you’re still on the “fence” about what type of material they should be constructed from, we’re going to give you a helping hand by talking about the specific advantages of choosing wrought iron railings.

The Numerous Advantages of Our Wrought Iron Railings

We say “our” wrought iron railings as we truly believe, and many of our clients would attest to this, that our products are a cut above the rest. The experience and lessons learned from working on hundreds of individual projects over the last two decades have got us to this point and this is not something that can be bought or learned overnight. If you do choose to purchase wrought iron railings from us, you can expect to experience the following benefits:

  • Unparalleled Durability – When purchasing new railings you need to weigh up the initial investment against how long the railings are going to last, especially if they will be installed outside since the weather will accelerate wear and tear. Wrought iron railings, if produced to a high standard, are generally considered the toughest type of railings out there, which is great if safety and security are two of the objectives you need your new railings to achieve. This characteristic also ensures that wrought iron railings, if properly cared for, are likely to outlast many alternatives, providing you with better value for money.
  • Design Versatility – As the name suggests, wrought iron railings can be custom made to a virtually limitless number of design styles, meaning not only will this feature add something very unique to your property (which will likely make it stand out and boost market value), but it also almost guarantees that this type of railing will fit in with the overall theme of your home and outdoor space. In fact, the only limiting factors are your own imagination and the skill of the contractor that you decide to work with, which is precisely why it’s extremelyimportant to work with the best railings company around.
  • Affordable Solution – One thing that many people tend to overlook when shopping for newrailings is how easy or difficult the railings will be to install, which is a big mistake since the cost of installation often accounts for a large proportion of the overall project. This is one area in which wrought iron railings excel and offer an advantage over alternative types ofrailings since they are easier to install, resulting in a lower installation cost.
  • Sheer Strength – For railings that are installed on stairs and balconies, the material usedmust be strong and be able to support your weight if needed. In this respect, wrought iron railings are the perfect option since no other material can match its sheer strength. If manufactured to a high standard and then professionally installed, even if your whole family push on the railings simultaneously they wouldn’t budge an inch!

There are very few negatives to choosing wrought iron railings and numerous advantages, as you can see above. However, if they will be installed in an outdoor location and are exposed to the weather we typically experience in Toronto, Vaughan and Richmond Hill (high annual rainfall and a wide range of different temperatures), you should be prepared to carry out slightly more maintenance than you would have to for other metals (namely stainless steel) in order to keep them in good condition, otherwise they could fall victim to rusting. However, if you work with a leading railing company such as Master Iron, once your new railings have been installed you will be given a thorough explanation of what needs to be done and how often. For further information on the products and services that we offer or to arrange a free onsite consultation with our team, call (905) 738-8869 today.