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Sturdy, expertly manufactured and installed wrought iron railings can add beauty and functionality to any home, and easily blend in with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor architectural styles from Victorian to Contemporary to everything in between. At Master Iron Stairs & Fence, master craftsman Kaz Jarosz has been serving customers in the Greater Toronto Area for more than 20 years with timeless custom iron works for gates, fences, railings, grates, and grills.

In most cases, today’s wrought iron railings are made from “decorative” or forged iron because mining and producing true wrought iron is extremely costly and has been limited to several European countries for more than 40 years. However, advanced manufacturing processes allow decorative iron to mimic the texture, appearance, and malleability of true wrought iron, making it ideal for ornamental reproductions of pieces that first appeared in Ancient Rome more than two thousand years ago.

Whether your home is located in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, or any other community in Metropolitan Toronto, the expert designers and installers at Master Iron are able to craft wrought iron railings to accent your deck, interior or exterior stairs, or fencing where railings are most needed. For many homeowners, these types of railings are considered more decorative than functional, which really doesn’t do them justice. Each railing we install is custom designed and manufactured with intricate scroll work and other details, but is actually more durable and secure than railings made from other materials, such as wood, plastic, aluminum, or wood composites.

Unlike wood, for instance, wrought iron railings will not crack, warp,
degrade as easily, or become detached from decks, stairs, or patios if they’re bumped into or otherwise jostled about. With proper care and maintenance, wrought iron railings will last for generations. Each railing we install is pre-finished and doesn’t require any other paint, finish, or sealant, though it’s not unusual for homeowners to re-finish them every several years depending on trends in home design.

If you would like to paint your wrought iron railings, please follow the recommendations below or call the experts at Master Iron for more detailed instructions.

  1. Get ready to paint. Choose a warm, dry day and cover the ground with tarp or a protective cloth.
  2. It’s important that any peeling or chipped paint is removed; the same goes for any rust spots, both of which can be removed with a wire-bristle brush.
  3. Select a quality primer designed specifically for wrought iron, one that includes rust inhibitors, and spray it directly onto the wrought iron railings. Do not use a brush, and always remember to wear safety goggles and gloves.
  4. The final step is to apply paint, normally of the rust-inhibiting variety which is acrylic latex-based. Again, spray, do not use a brush.

At Master Iron, we work closely with customers to find a design that will fit their needs and budget. All the work we do is custom, which requires a consultation and several in-home visits to take measurements, determine the process for removing old railings, and other factors that would affect a successful installation of your new wrought iron railings.

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