Wrought Iron Garden Fence Borders

Wrought Iron Garden Fence Borders

Do you have a garden that you’ve poured hours of blood, sweat, and tears into? A beautiful garden can be the envy of any neighborhood. But, do you know what would make it better? Wrought iron garden fence borders. Here’s why you should consider them and how Master Iron can help.

Protect Your Garden from Pests

Everyone knows the worst thing that can happen to your garden is a visit from the local pests. Unfortunately, garden pests are everywhere. Rabbits, raccoons, and even deer can get into a garden and wreak havoc on it in the name of finding a meal.

Garden fence borders can keep pests away from your veggies and flowers alike. By burying a line of wire mesh about a foot deep around the perimeter of the garden where your garden fence borders will be placed can even keep those quick diggers out. Wrought iron garden fence designs can also start denser at the bottom and more open near the top, to prevent smaller creatures from simply squeezing through.

Improve Garden Appearance

Wrought iron garden fence borders aren’t just practical; they also look fantastic! Nobody can turn their nose up at a beautiful wrought iron fence surrounded by colorful flowers and vibrant greens. Improve your garden’s appearance with this beautifully contrasting backdrop of black metal.

Provide Vine Support

A lot of people love to have creeping vines in their gardens, or may grow vegetables that require support. Tomatoes, for example, grow vertically. Placing tall stakes in the garden bed gives them something to climb on. However, if you’ve got wrought iron garden fence borders, vines and vertical plants can simply climb the fence. As an added bonus, an iron fence is sturdier than wooden stakes, meaning your plant is less likely to fall over as it grows weighty produce. Plus, you can harvest your tomatoes with a bit less care as to how quickly you pick them.

Order Custom Designs

If you’re going to get a wrought iron garden fence, you might even want to order something custom designed. This is a great option for those gardeners who are artistically minded. Want your living art project to have a fence that really compliments the aesthetic you’re aiming for? A custom garden fence design gives you complete freedom over the end result.

Get your wrought iron garden fence in any height, with any design, and with a gate to match. Turn your garden into even more of a getaway by shutting out the outside world.

If you’re interested in ordering a wrought iron garden fence, custom or not, give us a call at Master Iron. We look forward to helping you achieve the garden of your dreams.