Why Most Fences Fail


Whether you want to protect your property or just love the aesthetic beauty that fencing provides, you need to be selective when choosing the right type of fence. For example, customized wrought iron gates and fences have a durability and elegance unmatched by any other fencing. What are some of the most common fence problems?

Chain Link Fencing

No one can deny that chain link fencing lacks privacy, security, and beauty. Unlike sturdy wrought iron gates and fences, a chain link fence can be quickly scaled or broken with the right tools. While chain link fencing belongs on commercial properties or even schools and prisons, you want to avoid using chain link fencing in your home.

Wooden Fencing

While aesthetically beautiful with more privacy than chain-link fencing, wooden fencing is susceptible to rot, weather, and wear and tear. The life span for wood fenced varies depending on the type of wood. Most wooden fences will last at least fifteen years. Pressure-treated wood lasts up to twenty years if carefully maintained.

Soil Issues

Another problem to consider when installing a new fence can be issues with adverse soil conditions or high winds. This can cause your fence to lean or panels to become loose. You may have to deal with erosion with trained professionals. You may have to repair or replace fence posts damaged by weather and erosion. Rotten fences can be insecure and sometimes dangerous.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fencing continues to be the longest-lasting solution for homeowners. Both elegant and very secure, wrought iron fencing provides safety and beauty for every home. Combine a wrought iron fence with landscaping to increase privacy. There are a wide variety of customized options for every budget and home.

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