Why Are My Iron Railings Rusting?

Why Are My Iron Railings Rusting?

Are your iron railings turning orange with rust? If so, you may be wondering why your iron railings are rusting to begin with. The answer is both simple and complicated, depending on how closely you look. Master Iron is here to get to the bottom of your question, and help you determine what to do about it.

What Causes Rust?

The short answer to what causes rust is: it’s a chemical reaction. When iron is exposed to oxygen – typically to the oxygen that’s attached to water vapor in the air or rain – it oxidizes. Oxidation is a fancy word for rusting, and rusting is the layman’s word for oxidation. 

So, when iron is exposed to moisture, it rusts due to the oxygen in the water reacting with the metal. Can you see why we consider it both simple and complex?

Why Are My Iron Railings Rusting?

Now, the root of the issue is, why, specifically, are your iron railings rusting? If any iron railings are rusting, it’s because something has happened to damage their coating. Most types of iron railings, especially any that are located outdoors, are coated with a glossy black paint that’s meant to protect it from moisture. Therefore, it’s meant to protect it from rust. If your railings are rusting, that means this coating is either missing, damaged, or worn off.

How to Prevent Iron Railings from Rusting

If you want to remove the rust from your iron railings, you’ll also want to prevent your iron railings from rusting in the future. If you don’t take preventative measures, the rust will come back quickly, and likely with a vengeance.

Removing and preventing rust can be done in many ways. You can use a wire brush and steel wool to remove the rust. However, this is very abrasive and best kept to only newer railings that can handle the treatment. For older railings, or to prevent loss of iron, a rust converting chemical may be better. This can turn the rust back into iron through further chemical meddling.

Preventing further rusting of iron railings, they need to be cleaned and recoated to prevent moisture from coming into contact with them.

Iron Railing Restoration

If your iron railings need restoration help, Master Iron is here to help. We can remove rust, repair broken railings, replace broken parts, and recoat your railings to prevent further rust. Full iron railing restoration is a big job, best left to professionals. Give us a call if you’re interested in our iron railing restoration services and we’ll be happy to help.

Iron Railing Replacement in Toronto

If your iron railings are beyond restorative help, there’s also the option to replace them. Iron railing replacement in Toronto offers you the added benefit of being able to choose a style and design that suits you and your preferences. Therefore, if the old design wasn’t much to your taste, this is your opportunity to change that. Add a touch of modernity to an old home or business by ordering custom iron railing replacements from Master Iron.