What to Know When Painting Wrought Iron Gates

Toronto’s wrought iron gates Here in Toronto, wrought iron gates are popular for a number of reasons. For one, they represent a great investment when you consider their durability and lifespan. Wrought iron gates can last for decades with relatively little maintenance. They also add an air of elegance to a property that other materials simply cannot match. Furthermore, they are sturdy and secure. They don’t blow over or sustain damage in extreme weather, plus they allow two-way visibility through the barrier they create between the inside and outside of the property. For these reasons and more, it seems that in Toronto, wrought iron gates are here to stay.

Painting and Taking Care of Toronto’s Wrought Iron Gates

Despite their long life, wrought iron gates that are continually exposed to moisture and inclement weather over a number of years will inevitably require some maintenance. This is most likely to be in the form of retouching or repainting them from time to time. It’s all too easy to go about this the wrong way, however – that’s why we’ve put together some tips to ensure that Toronto’s wrought iron gates retain their splendid looks for years to come:

Remove Any Rust – If the gates have been neglected for a number of years, there’s a chance that rust may have begun to develop on them in parts. This isn’t a huge problem, but it’s important to get rid of it before attempting to apply a new coat of paint. Simply take a wire brush and use it to clear away any visible rust from the iron. Once you’ve done that, take some sandpaper and smooth down the surfaces you intend to paint.

Protect the Surrounding Area – Typically this will involve covering any concrete, stone, tiles or asphalt with a sheet, just as you would do when painting indoors. You can protect plants and flowerbeds by watering them before covering them loosely with another sheet.

Use the Right Primer – Try to find a rust-proof primer that is specifically designed for this purpose. You may find that spray-on primers work better if your gate has an intricate design with hard to reach spots. Once you have applied this, you’ll need to wait up to three hours to let it dry properly.

Use the Right Paint – You’ll need to go with a rust-proof enamel paint to ensure that your gate is protected against the elements for the coming years. Again, as with the primer, you might want to choose a spray-on paint if your gate has an intricate design. Be sure to cover every part of the surface of the gate and apply more than one coat if it looks necessary.

Bear in mind that you’ll need to choose a clear day to paint your gate. If there’s any sign of frost or very high temperatures, or rain, snow, high winds etc., it’s best to put the job off until another day. When the temperature is too high, the paint and primer can dry too quickly. When it’s too wet, they can run and dry unevenly.