What Does Wrought Iron Mean?

What Does Wrought Iron Mean?

When it comes to fencing, wrought iron is a beautiful and sought-after material. But when it comes down to definitions, that can be a bit more trick? Is it just an appearance? What does wrought iron mean?

Wrought Iron is a type of iron almost entirely free of carbon with a forged and welded “slag” appearance on the literal definition front. Wrought iron has a “grain” resembling wood compared to cast iron fencing. It was most popular in the 1860s.

Wrought iron is a popular fencing material to this day. Why? In the rest of this article, we will find the answer to that question.

Why Wrought Iron Exists Today

Wrought iron decoration has been a staple of humankind for generations. To find pictures of its use, you need only look at the 13th-century iron gates in front of Westminster Abbey.

The popularity of wrought iron faltered as more efficient means of metalworking came to light. So when asking, “what does wrought iron mean,” the answer changes depending upon the industry.

In the case of solid wrought iron, you will find that most sources come from salvage. Old furniture that is no longer in use is repurposed to breathe new life into the product.

In the fencing industry, wrought iron has become more of an appearance than a material. You don’t hear of wrought iron in other sectors because they typically use more appropriate materials.

For example, the railroad industry has long since grown to use steel over iron. Even among traditional uses of iron, wrought iron is rarely used.

While wrought iron isn’t used in many industries today, its timeless appearance is still cherished. Below, we will discuss some modern uses of wrought iron today.

Beautiful Uses of Wrought Iron Designs Today

As the wrought-iron specialists of Toronto, we would encourage you to look upon featured projects. Otherwise, below are a few examples of where you can see beautiful wrought iron in use:


This one is the clear winner of the modern use of wrought iron. Wrought iron fencing is an impressive and timeless feature that you can apply to your home. It also provides a natural security feature, as high wrought iron fencing is a solid deterrent to would-be thieves.

Outdoor Furniture

The dark-iron look of outdoor furniture looks beautiful with many rustic environments. Those who say “their home is their castle” may enhance that statement with an entirely wrought iron furniture set next to their wrought iron fence. Also, wrought iron doesn’t always have to be in that darker appearance.

Garden Enhancement

The rustic look of wrought iron looks beautiful in the right garden. Even when overgrown, a garden can overtake some of the wrought iron fencings to work in a beautiful combination of colors. For those who enjoy the classic rustic look of a garden with wrought iron fixtures, it can be a beautiful combination of things.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are going for gothic, bright, or anything between, wrought iron is a fantastic choice to include as part of your home. The combination of security and unique features will help your home stick out. While it has a long history in other industries, wrought iron is still alive in fencing.