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At Master Iron Stairs & Fence, we’ve designed and installed hundreds of wrought iron gates over the last 20 years that have provided style and security for homes throughout the Greater Toronto Area as a compliment to yards, gardens, driveways, and other entrances. We work diligently with customers to design and manufacture wrought iron gates that are perfect for any need. Each of our gates is available with a wide assortment of locks for added security and peace of mind. Part of our expert design services includes providing all necessary drawings for your gate. To arrive at the best solution, our designers and consultants will visit your home to evaluate it based on traffic flow, how the property is graded in terms of landscaping, aesthetics, and safety issues. This allows us to custom design wrought iron gates that are truly unique for each property they’re installed on. We also handle submitting site plans and drawings, securing building permits, and working with the local building department and inspector to ensure the project is a success.

Most wrought iron gates are actually made from hot-dipped galvanized steel, which is less expensive than true wrought iron but is nonetheless durable and malleable enough to be shaped into elegant designs and scroll work by Master Iron’s expert craftsmen. Each gate is custom made, and never manufactured from “stock plans” – meaning you’ll never see your exact style gate installed at someone else’s home.

Key components of wrought iron gates, particularly for driveways and main entrances are automatic openers and security systems featuring keyless entry (utilizing keypads, card readers, biometrics, and other authentication methods), monitors (video, voice) and lighting (motion or light sensitive, or those operated on timers). Automatic gate openers feature all of the accessories and safety components you’d expect, including sensors and reversal systems to prevent injury.

There are a number of different gate openers that we can install, too, including: Swing Arm Operators, Linear Arm Operators, Slide Gate Operators, Underground Operators, and many others.
Swing arm operators for wrought iron gates are available with an arm mounted at the top or bottom of the gate. For gates that are used frequently, we recommend top mounted arms, which are larger and designed with a heavier chassis.

Linear arm operators, also referred to as linear actuators and ram arm openers, have an external control cabinet with the arm welded or bolted directly to the post and gate – making installation simple compared to other operators. These units are available in electro- mechanical and hydraulic configurations, both used for heavier wrought iron gates.

For homeowners who require wrought iron gate operators to “blend in” as much as possible, Master Iron installs Underground Operators, which are also known as in-ground or below-grade gate operators. These units are available in electro-mechanical and hydraulic configurations, but electro mechanical are the most popular. The key benefit with these operators is they’re installed below ground, making them nearly invisible.

Finally, many of the homes we install wrought iron gates at feature steep grades and landscaping, making Slide Gate Operators ideal for a residential driveway where the use of a swing gate operator isn’t possible.

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