The Security Benefits of Installing an Iron Door Grill

The Security Benefits of Installing an Iron Door Grill

Home security is something that many think about, but fewer actually do something about. For some, it’s the belief that their home is unlikely to be the victim of burglary. For others, the cost of a fancy, modern, security system is daunting and not in the budget. Master Iron has some bad news for the former, and great news for the latter. Any home, especially one without security, can be the target of a home robbery. However, there is an affordable way to decrease the likelihood. Let’s take a look at the security benefits of installing an iron door grill.

What Is an Iron Door Grill?

An iron door grill is a wrought iron fixture made to guard the front door of a home from break-ins and damage. While beautiful, these grills do add a touch of masculinity to a home’s appearance. 

These fixtures can be custom made, which is ideal for doors of unusual sizes or with oddly shaped windows. A custom iron door grill can be made so that areas with glass panes are more densely protected by bars.

An iron door grill can also be made to act more like a gate to the front door. If you have an overhang or alcove in front of the front door, you can place your door grill at the entrance to that space. This has two major benefits:

  1. It’s more effective security, as it’s completely separate from the front door(s).
  2. You can avoid screwing the grill into your door, which is better for homeowners who may sell their home in the future. Plus, if you have a party or gathering in your home, you can leave the grill open and the front door won’t look so imposing to guests.

Security Benefits of an Iron Door Grill

Installing an iron door grill comes with many security benefits. Primarily, they prevent break-ins through the front door. While many people envision home burglars sneaking in through a window, you would be surprised how many simply use the front door. Sneaking around a yard long enough to find a window often attracts more attention than the front door. With the front door, you can simply hurry up from the street, break a window, unlock it, and slip inside.

An iron door grill makes breaking a pane in the front door much harder. Even if you use something like a crowbar to slip through the bars and break the glass, reaching the lock is another thing. The bars of a door grill are designed to make it impossible for a burglar to get their arm inside and reach the door lock. With a door grill that’s installed apart from the door, they can’t even reach the glass to begin with.

Because of this function of the iron door grill, your home is less likely to be robbed, people in the house are less likely to be harmed, and property damage is less likely to be sustained. All in all, it’s a great investment. 

Custom Door Grills from Master Iron

Anyone can buy a bland set of iron bars from online. Opt for something that compliments your home instead of taking away from its appearance. Call us at Master Iron today to get a free quote on a custom door grill.