Sturdy, Iron Handrails for Sidewalks

Sturdy, Iron Handrails for Sidewalks

All over the world, there are sidewalks bordering ledges, drop-offs, and other spaces that could lead to injury. For example, there are often sidewalks along coastal roads that slope right into the water. It’s sidewalks like these that make it vital for many walkways to be bordered with a handrail.

Ontario Handrail Laws

Ontario safety laws require that any walkable surface with a drop of 30 inches or more must have a handrail in place. This applies to all kinds of surfaces: Decks, porches, and yes, even sidewalks. Because these surfaces are built with the intention of being traversed, they must be made safe for doing so. 

30 inches may not seem like much but, if you tripped and fell from that height of over 2 feet, you could get seriously injured. Therefore, it’s especially important for these laws to be followed on government and business properties, where injury could result in a lawsuit.

Business Exterior Handrails

Is your business along a drop – to a lake or even just down a hill? If so, you may have a sidewalk that needs a handrail. For many buildings, drop-offs and slopes are the perfect place to install a sidewalk. They provide a safe path around a side of the building that would, otherwise, be difficult to traverse. Plus, there’s often a great view available on that side.

However, if your business has a sidewalk like this, it absolutely must have a handrail installed. If someone were to get hurt by falling from that walkway, you would be liable. Save money, stress, and reputation damage by preventing an injury from happening in the first place. It’s the law.

Government Property Handrails

The same laws apply to government property. That could be government clinics, offices, and even alongside public roads. Public sidewalks alongside roads are a huge one. There are so many sidewalks, all throughout Ontario, and tons of them need the help of handrails to remain safe.

Private Property

Got a sidewalk on your private property with a bit of a drop-off on one side? Unfortunately – or perhaps fortunately – you’re not exempt from following the law for handrails. This law is part of building code and must be followed by everyone in Ontario. So, get out your tape measure and make sure the drop isn’t 30 inches or more. If it is, we’re ready to hear from you.

Wrought Iron Handrails for Sidewalks

Regardless of where your sidewalk is, if you need to protect it with a handrail, you can get handrails for sidewalks from Master Iron. We do all kinds of designs, from antique, art nouveau, to modern, contemporary. We can find a style that’s perfect for you. More detail or more utilitarian, your needs are our focus. 

Just let us know if you need a quote and we can get started discussing your order.