Secure & Stunning: Wrought Iron Fencing


Wrought iron is a form of iron that is heated and hand-worked into shape rather than cast from liquid iron. This process aligns the grain for added strength for the wrought iron door and fencing. Genuine solid wrought iron is more durable than cast iron or mild steel. When purchasing wrought iron fencing, verify it is solid iron rather than hollow or imitation materials.

Customizable Styles

Wrought iron allows for creative custom designs to enhance your property. Finials and post caps provide ornamental flare. Spearhead or arrow-style picket tops create a grand, gated estate look. Curling and scrollwork add intricate detail in a wrought iron door. Fences and gates can be powder coated in different finishes like black, bronze, and white.

Security and Convenience 

Wrought iron gates secure driveway entries up to 20 feet wide and match the fencing. Walk-through pedestrian gates grant access to yards and gardens. Self-closing hinges provide security. Electric gate openers can be integrated for convenience entering the property. Gates act as an impressive standout access point.

5 Top Reasons Wrought Iron Suits Canadian Weather

– Withstands heavy snowfall and ice accumulation

– Does not crack, peel or warp due to freezing temperatures

– Resists rusting and corrosion year after year

– Maintains structural integrity in windstorms

– Does not degrade from constant freeze/thaw cycles

Following local building codes, proper installation ensures wrought iron fences and gates enhance curb appeal while standing the test of time through harsh weather extremes.

Aesthetic Enhancements

Wrought iron has long been considered the premium material of choice for homeowners looking to add an extra layer of security and elegance to their property. The durability and strength of wrought iron make it an excellent choice for fencing and gating, ensuring that your property remains secure and protected for years to come.

But what truly sets wrought iron apart is its ability to add custom architectural interest and creative expression to your property’s style. The dark metal creates a striking contrast against the landscape, making it a natural focal point that draws the eye and impresses guests as they arrive at your home.

With wrought iron fencing, you can create boundaries that maintain an open feel, allowing you to enjoy your property’s natural beauty while still preserving your privacy and security. When it comes to gates, wrought iron makes a bold statement that is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who visit your home.

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