Restore Antique Wrought Iron Railings

Restore Antique Wrought Iron Railings

If you’ve got an old home or business with some wrought iron railings, they may not be looking their best. Wrought iron railings require diligent care throughout the years to maintain their brilliant appearance. Whether yours are rusting, broken, or missing altogether, our team at Master Iron can help.

Replace Missing Pieces

It’s not uncommon for antique wrought iron railings to end up losing pieces, especially exterior ones. A car may have backed into a wrought iron fence, or something might have fallen and hit a railing during a renovation. Things happen all the time.

If your antique wrought iron railings are missing pieces, we can restore those pieces with some TLC and some expert sleuthing. A close look at the rest of the railings’ pattern can give us all the information we need to craft the missing pieces and attach them. Then, your antique iron railings will be looking good as new.

Recreate Completely Missing Railings

It’s not unheard of that someone might move into an older home and seek to restore it to its former glory. Sometimes that means recreating things that have gone missing. Wrought iron railings are a good example. Sometimes antique wrought iron railings get removed from a house because someone bought it and wanted to modernize. Then, if you want to return your home to its original look, you have to do some digging and get some metalworking professionals involved – that’s us!

If you’re looking to recreate old railings that aren’t in or about the house anymore, you’ll need to do some research. Old photos of the house are the easiest way to accurately recreate its railings. However, if you know who built the house, that might help us too. Without photos or design sketches, knowing who built the house is the closest we can get to accurate railing reproduction. That’s because popular home designers from centuries passed often have signature patterns that they reuse between houses.

Repair Bent Antique Railings

You might imagine that repairing bent antique railings is one of the easier repairs, but you would be wrong. Bent metal can be hard to bend back without it breaking if it’s old and brittle. However, with a little experience, repairing bent antique railings is possible. 

Remove Rust from Antique Railings

Antique wrought iron railings are very commonly afflicted with rust. Wrought iron’s coating wears away over time from use or weathering. When this happens, air can come into contact with the iron, leading to oxidization – or rusting. Unfortunately, rust will eat away at the metal. Therefore, if antique wrought iron railings are left in disrepair, they can deteriorate until they break or are no longer strong enough to use.

Master Iron is well-versed in dealing with rust. If you need rust removal assistance, we can give you a hand. Just give us a call and let us know you’re in need.