Replace Old Window Grills with a Modern Design

Replace Old Window Grills with a Modern Design

Window grills are great for improving your home security and preventing break-ins. However, most window grills were made and installed decades ago. Most modern houses aren’t built with them due to the increase in technology for security. However, window grills still have their place in keeping homes secure. So, replace your old, outdated-looking window grills with something more modern in design. 

Why Window Grills Still Work

You may be wondering why anyone would need a grill on their window to keep their home secure. The fact is, window grills still work as a form of security. What it comes down to is prevention versus response. Most forms of technological security work primarily as a response to crime that’s already happening. 

An alarm alerts to someone already breaking in. If they can be fast enough, they can beat it. A security camera gets an image of the culprit and gives homeowners the impression that they’ll have enough evidence to press charges. Unfortunately, video evidence is often not admissible in court. Plus, any burglar worth their salt has a mask on, making identification pretty much impossible.

Now, window grills, on the other hand… they actually prevent people from getting in to begin with. It doesn’t matter if they could pick the window lock or break the glass. There is no way they’re getting past a big grill of iron bars. And that’s why they’re still relevant.

The Flaws in Old Window Grills

Old window grills were onto something good, but they weren’t yet very refined. The main problem with them is that they keep people in just as well as out. In a fire or other emergency, that is very, very bad.

Modern window grills can be crafted with a release that’s only accessible from the inside. That means, when you replace old window grills with modern designs, you’re keeping burglars outside and allowing a safe escape in the case of a fire. It’s the best of both worlds. Plus, they can look pretty cool.

Modern Window Grill Designs

Gone are the days of bland, vertical-barred window grills with no flair whatsoever. If you want your home protected and you want to do so stylishly, Master Iron can make that happen. It’s easy to replace old window grills with wrought iron that’s been crafted beautifully. The black, wrought iron bars can be swept up in a flourish, hammered into leaves or flowers, and more. If you know what designs you’d like decorating your windows, just let us know. We love working on custom grill designs.

Replace Old Window Grills in Toronto

Master Iron has been serving Toronto for years. Now, we’re happy to include you in our list of happy clients. Just give us a call if you have questions about our services, relating to window grills or not. We look forward to working with you.