Railings Vs Having a Fence Installed

Railings in TorontoWhen it comes to protecting property with fencing or railings, Toronto has plenty of examples of both. Some examples work better than others, for various reasons. When deciding whether to go with fencing or railings (or both), there are a number of factors to consider, including everything from their exposure to the elements, the choice of material with regard to its aesthetic value and practical properties, security, visibility and the overall way in which the design should complement the exterior of your property. Failing to give the decision to go with railings or fencing its due consideration, can lead to regret and further expenses later on.

How to Know Whether to Go with Fencing or Railings in Toronto

Two big factors in your decision will be the type of property you have and the aesthetic of your neighbourhood. Homes that opt to go with railings in Toronto tend to be in older neighbourhoods, with larger spaces between the building itself and the edge of the property. These railings are built to stand the test of time and there are plenty of examples of pristine railings that were put up many decades ago. On the other hand, many smaller suburban homes have opted to go with fencing in order to protect privacy in a smaller yard, also reducing visibility into the house itself. The question is not quite that straightforward and there are other factors to consider aside from these, including:

Security – On the one hand, it is easy to see how many people feel more secure behind a fence – it reduces visibility from the road to the house, meaning that opportunists can’t see what you have or haven’t got in your home all that easily. Conversely, fences often do appeal to opportunists, however – they know that once the fence has been scaled, there is little chance of them being disturbed by a curious neighbour, as they are hidden from view by the fence itself. Railings offer two-way visibility and still need to be scaled. They don’t offer much protection, however, from small animals that may want to enter your yard.

Visibility and Appeal – We know that railings in Toronto’s homes can often enhance the exterior appearance of the building itself. How do we know this? Because we can see both the railings and the building. Properties which are surrounded by fences are hidden from view, so the outward impression is limited to that of the fence itself. If you think you might want to sell your property within a few years, you might consider this seriously – as secure as a fence feels, it can actually put off potential buyers. While there are some excellent and attractive fence designs, railings tend to be seen as more elegant.

Ultimately your decision needs to reflect the needs of your property and your family in terms of aesthetics, security and overall practicality. Take a look at other properties in your neighbourhood and gauge your impression of their railings and fences. This should help you to visualize which option will work better for you.