Outdoor Railings and Guard Rails for Homes

Outdoor Railings and Guard Rails for Homes

If you’re having a home built, renovated, or remodeled, you might just need some outdoor railings or guard rails for your updated home. Balconies, porches, patios, and stairs all need protection via outdoor railings and guard rails. Fortunately, Toronto is serviced by Master Iron – the best in the business at crafting beautiful, iron railings. Here’s how we can help.

Outdoor Iron Stair Railings

Many homes have outdoor staircases that lead up to second-floor entrances, down to basements, and up to front doors. These stairways make entering the home in the right place easy, but they’re also dangerous to traverse without proper railings.

While most stairways have railings, many of them are made of wood, especially in homes. The problem with wooden railings is that they age very quickly. When wooden railings age, their attachments loosen and become extremely dangerous. In your life, you’ve probably encountered more than one wooden stair railing that was wobbly, broken, and generally unsafe.

Iron railings are much safer, last much longer, and look much better. Master Iron crafts iron railings for all kinds of home exteriors. If your railings need to be replaced or you’re building a new stairway that needs to be newly outfitted, we can help.

Outdoor Iron Balcony Guard Rails

Balconies come with the same railing needs as stairs. These are equally likely to have had wooden railings put in and just as in need of higher quality replacements. Unlike stairways, balconies are usually visible from inside. That means that replacing your balcony railings with something higher quality has the added benefit of improving the view from your second floor.

Make sitting out on the balcony in the morning a treat. Instead of having to look past rotting, wooden balusters, improve visibility and safety with some beautiful, iron railings. Because iron balusters are stronger than wood, they don’t have to be as wide, meaning a better view.

Iron Railings for Front Steps

Most homes have at least a few front steps. Even if you don’t have to walk up an entire stairway, having a small railing on your front steps is absolutely necessary for safety. In fact, people fall on small stairways much more often than you might guess. Because there’s less concern about falling, it’s easy for people to misstep, and a couple feet of fall distance is much more dangerous than you might think. Make sure your front walkway and steps are safe by installing an iron handrail or guard rail.

Iron Deck Railings

Many people don’t worry themselves with putting railings on their decks, especially those that people build themselves. However, because decks are such hubs for activity, especially for families, railings are important. If you plan to build a deck, or have one already, you should consider some outdoor iron deck railings from Master Iron. Go for something simple that’s easy to look through, or opt for a fancier design that compliments deck furniture. We can do whatever kind of design you’re after. Just give us a call when you’re ready to discuss your needs.