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Fences come in a wide variety of styles, building materials, colours, and sizes. In many traditional residential neighborhoods constructed by “production builders” – companies that build on their own property using a handful of floor plans rather than custom designs – the default building material for fences is chain link metal or even wood for more privacy. There’s nothing wrong with these types of fences, but for a truly unique style, metal fences that feature intricate designs can make your property standout from all others.

In the Greater Toronto Area, Master Iron Stairs & Fence is the leading company for custom designed and elegant metal fences and has installed thousands over the last 20 years. Master craftsman Kaz Jarosz and his staff work tirelessly on behalf of each customer to ensure the finished product meets and exceeds the standards for which the company is so well known: High quality work, unique designs, professional installation, and a comprehensive warranty on workmanship and materials.
At Master Iron, many of the metal fences we design and install are decorative in nature and made of wrought iron but offer several advantages over traditional wood fences, or those made from chain link, wood, plastic, or wood composites including style and enhanced security. While metal fencesare traditionally installed outside at ground level around the perimeter of a residence or along a drive or walkway, they also have other applications, too: Safety enclosures for pools, basketball and tennis courts and other recreation areas found on expansive, estate sized homes; and fencing for interior and exterior balconies, decks, and patios.

Metal fences, whether made from wrought iron, steel, or aluminum, can be shaped and molded into designs not possible with other building materials. They also offer strength and durability that wood or plastic fences can’t match, and can withstand extreme weather for years without requiring extensive refinishing or repair work.

To install a metal fence, the designers at Master Iron first meet with the homeowner to see the property for themselves and visualize how a new fence can be integrated into the existing architecture and style. Precise measurements are taken, and detailed plans are created that include not only the placement of the fence, but where it sits in relation to landscaping or structures on the property. Special 3D computer software is used for the actual design, which allows the project to be presented in stunning clarity and detail not possible with hand drawings or blueprints.
Like any other fencing product, metal fences need occasional maintenance and repair. With any metal product, the chief danger comes in the form of rust which can appear within a few years if the fence isn’t sealed properly. All metal fences designed and installed by Master Iron are made from the highest quality materials available, and are finished to ensure they withstand damage from the elements and rust. For added protection, we recommend refinishing your fence with quality, weather resistant paint that includes rust inhibitors and will last for several years between coats.



Metal Fences in VaughanMetal Fences in VaughanMetal Fences in Vaughan