Is Wrought Iron Stronger Than Steel?


When choosing the right metal fencing for your home, finding the right material is important. So which is stronger – steel or wrought iron? Both iron and wrought iron have durability and stability. With proper care, wrought iron uses for metal gates and fencing will not rust or corrode. The aesthetics of both result in a beautiful luxurious look of sheer elegance. Upgrade your home’s curb appeal with gorgeous metal fencing.

The Strength of Iron

Wrought iron has an iron alloy with low carbon content. Malleable and durable, wrought iron will last for decades with proper maintenance. Artisans easily mold, hammer, and roll wrought iron. Create unique custom metal fencing with wrought iron. Historically wrought iron uses included more than fences. In fact, wrought iron helped our ancestors protect, feed, and defend their families with a wide array of swords, farming tools, and more. Iron has been the standard for centuries.

Steel vs. Iron

Steel comprises of carbon, iron, and other elements. Steelmaking eventually replaced wrought iron for the building of cars, appliances, and ships. Commercial use for steel production began in the 1600s until this day. Both steel and iron have incredible strength, durability, and aesthetic beauty. A home with an ornate wrought iron fence demonstrates refinement and sophistication, a love of those things historical and denoting strength.

Durability of Metal Fencing

Both materials make very strong fencing to protect your family and property. Wrought iron resists vibration and shock better than steel. Breaks in wrought iron fencing happen slowly over time. This allows you to quickly repair a section before serious damage occurs. However, steel has a hard break, leading to more expensive replacement. In areas prone to natural disasters, wrought iron will withstand sharp shocks and direct damage more than steel. Steel will fail upon a strong blow, meaning that you have no warning when the fencing will break down.


Pricing of wrought iron and steel are comparable. Several factors determine price, including size of the fence, customization, and labor. Call the wrought iron experts at Master Iron today. We will be happy to answer any of your questions. Our seasoned team prides ourselves on superior artisanship and the best customer service in the region. Contact us today.