Iron Stair Railings: Why They’re More than Just a Safety Feature

Iron Stair Railings TorontoIron stair railings aren’t just for added safety anymore. They’ve stepped into the decor limelight and are now commonly used to add a distinctive touch to all manner of staircase design. Perhaps the biggest reason for their emergence as an interior design force is their incredible versatility. Whether your home is a Georgian Colonial, a Mid-Century Modern, a French Provincial or from any other architectural school or period iron stair railings can be fabricated that will enhance the decor while still providing that long-recognized level of safety as an added benefit.

Bring on the Style With Iron Stair Railings Toronto

In recent years bold designers and decorators have finally recognized that iron stair rails are more than just an exceptional safety enhancement. As a result they’ve begun to put iron stair railings to use inside the home in a variety of previously unanticipated ways. Some of the newly recognized advantages of iron stair rails are aesthetic while others are practical, including:

  • Low maintenance – Metal stair railings are the ultimate low maintenance home app. They’ll never need staining or sealing, rarely if ever need painting, won’t crack or warp over time like wood and will last as long as the house; probably longer.
  • Extreme durability – That iron stair railings in Toronto are built to last is beyond dispute. They’re not environmentally sensitive, won’t ever attract termites, won’t rust or corrode and can withstand the application of much heavier weights than wooden railings.
  • Lasting value – Not only will iron stair railings retain their value indefinitely they’ll also add to the marketability and market value of your home. At the time of sale most homeowners can expect at least a 100% ROI on the iron stair railings they’ve installed.
  • Design flexibility – Iron stair railings can be fabricated that adhere to and enhance any architectural style. They can also be mixed and matched with other materials to create stunning one of a kind decorative touches that will separate your home from the pack.
  • Environmental responsibility – Should you decide at some future point to go in a different direction with the interior design of your home iron stair railings can be 100% recycled. By contrast, unwanted wood stair railings are almost always destined for the landfill.
  • Affordability – There is no way to state categorically that iron stair rails will cost this The final price will depend on the project size and the chosen design. But even those iron railings that wind up costing more to install than wood will wind up saving money over the long haul due to their maintenance-free long life span.

Iron stair railings in Toronto homes are not just for safety anymore (although they fulfil that function spectacularly regardless of where and how you deploy them). They’re being used by savvy designers and decorators to make homes more beautiful, more valuable and safer for all members of the family. If you’re considering replacing your wooden stair railings call the leader in iron stair railings in Toronto: Master Iron Stairs and Fence, on 905-738-8869.