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Factors to Consider When Purchasing Railings for your Toronto Home


Whether they will be installed on a stairway inside your home or on a decked area outside your home, railings represent a significant financial commitment and therefore you owe it to yourself to assess all available options before coming to an informed decision. Of course, collaborating with thebest railings company in your area would boost your chances of purchasing the perfect railingssignificantly due to the expertise that such a contractor could offer you, but you still have to provide some input to get to that point. If you’ve already begun researching, you’re probably now aware that there are many different types of railings that you could potentially buy and have installed at your home. But which railings are right for your home? In order to even begin to answer that question, it’s important to carefully assess your situation and consider the main variables that apply to the design of railings.

Considering These Factors Could Lead You to the Perfect Railings for Your Property

As railings are a feature that serves both a functional and an aesthetic role in the majority of situations, it’s important that they are well designed. Master Iron has been designing, manufacturing and installing the highest quality wrought iron railings, metal fences and gates in Toronto, Vaughanand Richmond Hill for more than two decades and we always advise our clients to consider the following factors:

  • The Material – The biggest decision you have to make, without doubt, is the material that your new railings should be constructed from. This can influence everything from the longevity of your railings to their appearance to how they fare in the environment they are placed in. Every year it seems as though there are several new “wonder materials” brought to market, but many of the popular railing materials have been around for decades, including:
  • Wood – A material that has been used to create railings for longer than any other, wood remains a popular option, mainly due to its visual attractiveness. If you are shopping forrailings for an outdoor area though, you should consider that wooden railings need to be constantly maintained if they are going to overcome the punishing weather conditions experienced in the Toronto area and they will likely fade, crack, splinter and rot eventually.
  • Composite – Traditional composite is another popular material used in the production ofrailings, particularly for those that are installed on decks and other outdoor areas, since they are largely immune to the effects of the weather and require very little maintenance. However, when exposed to the sun, you will probably find that the finish of the railings will fade over time.
  • Wrought IronWrought iron railings have been used both indoors and outdoors for centuries and add a classy touch to any environment. They are also incredibly durable, offer a wide range of design possibilities and represent the perfect choice should safety and security be among your primary concerns.
  • The Style of Your Home– This is why we always conduct an onsite evaluation before working with our clients as the appearance of the area where the railings will be installed can have a huge impact upon the ideal design. For example, if your home is very traditional, it wouldn’t be wise to use modern materials, such as glass or stainless steel.
  • The Location of the Railings – Are you looking to purchase railings for the interior or exterior of your home? Railings that will be installed outside throw several more variables into the mix since they will need to be able to cope with moisture, direct sunlight and fluctuating temperatures, as well as exposure to a whole range of critters.
  • How Difficult is Installation? – The level of difficulty of the installation can affect the overall cost of your new railings significantly, so types of railings that are easier to install are favoured. Wooden railings are often very labour intensive to install, which drives the cost of the project up, while wrought iron railings are among the least labour intensive to install.
  • Level of Maintenance Required – Are your prepared for what comes after installation? That’s right, railings, just like any other fixture you purchase for your home, need some TLC if they are to remain in “mint” condition. It’s not just the effort involved in maintaining yourrailings either, the cost of maintaining and potentially replacing certain railing elements can really start to add up sometimes. Tasks like applying stain and water seal, filling cracks and powerwashing can be a real financial black hole and it’s often more cost effective to pay more initially to get a lower maintenance option.
  • Return On Investment – In other words, if you decide to move home in the near future, what will your railings be worth? Adding the right railings to an outdoor area or a stairway can make your home a more attractive proposition for home seekers and therefore drive its market value upwards. For this reason, its best to select railings that are built to last and offer the level of safety you expect without compromising from an aesthetic standpoint.

Master Iron is well-known in Toronto, Vaughan and Richmond Hill for producing wrought iron railingsof an unrivalled standard, in addition to high quality metal fences and gates. If you would like to discuss your requirements with a member of our team or would like to set-up an onsite consultation, get in touch with us today on (905) 738-8869.