Indoor and Outdoor Iron Railings for Luxury Homes

Indoor and Outdoor Iron Railings for Luxury Homes

Looking to update or remodel a luxury home? No matter what kind of home you have, if it’s got stairs, it needs railings. Don’t settle for rusted, outdated railings. Repair or replace your indoor or outdoor iron railings with some help from Master Iron. Here’s how we can guarantee you quality iron railings for luxury homes.

Indoor Iron Stair Railings

Many people associate wrought iron railings with outdoor settings because these are the locations they’re most common in nowadays. However, wrought iron wasn’t always limited to security purposes. At one point, it was extremely fashionable to put elegant, wrought iron railings indoors as well. This was especially common in luxury homes, mansions, estates, and so on. If you’ve got a big home that needs a bit of a pick-me-up, wrought iron railings will do the trick.

Indoor iron railings for luxury homes can come in simple or extravagant designs, all depending on your preferences. While historical homes might have preferred something art nouveau, modern wrought iron designs can come in much simpler forms. Simple, vertical balusters offer a dark, masculine touch to the home interior without overwhelming other design elements with excessive detail.

Iron Balcony Railings

Another place where wrought iron railings fit right in is on the balconies of a large home. This is especially true of brick or stone homes. The black coating on wrought iron makes it a stark contrast from most building materials. That’s why wrought iron railings look so bold and elegant when placed intermittently across the front or back of a large home where balconies rest.

If you don’t have any balconies but would like to employ this effect anyway, you can also use wrought iron grills to cover partial or entire windows. These are often used for security purposes to prevent burglary. However, they also just look wonderful, if crafted with appearance in mind. Historically, these did not open and were quite a fire escape hazard. However, modern designs provide an interior latch that will allow the grate to open.

Outdoor Iron Stair Railings

Outdoor stairways are also great places for wrought iron railings. In fact, wrought iron may look even better outdoors. Stone or cement steps in a light grey color allow a wonderful contrast with the dark coating of wrought iron railings for luxury homes. Even a few steps look great with a small iron railing attached.

Replace Iron Railings for Luxury Homes

If you’ve bought an older home with wrought iron railings already installed, you may find they’re not in very good shape. These railings were very popular historically. Therefore, old homes may still have the original railings. However, time is not as keen on iron as we are.

Master Iron is happy to replace damaged, ruined, iron railings with replicas in order to maintain the original home interior. Bring us photos and measurements and we’ll replace your beautiful railings in their original form.

Or, if you have your own ideas about how you want your railings to look, bring us your ideas or designs and we’ll put in something more personal. No matter what kind of iron railings you need for your luxury home, we can help. Call us today and let’s make a plan together.