Improve Security with Beautiful Iron Door and Window Grills

Improve Security with Beautiful Iron Door and Window Grills

If you’ve ever seen door and window grills, you may have thought they looked clunky and prison-like. However, that doesn’t have to be the case! Many of these prison-like grills are just made to be utilitarian. They were made a long time ago and with little concern for appearance. However, they do have a great function. If you want to improve your home security, you can do so with style. Improve security by getting beautiful, custom iron door and window grills from Master Iron.

Security Benefits of Iron Door and Window Grills

Iron door and window grills are an exceptional form of security for any home. While modern security systems may seem superior due to their high prices and fancy technology, there’s nothing that quite beats an old-fashioned barrier.

If someone wants to burglarize your home, a security camera can be defeated with a good disguise and poor lighting. An alarm system can be beat with interference technology and tech competence. However, if secured properly, even beautiful iron door and window grills can’t be beat without making enough noise to alert homeowners or neighbors. The only way through them is by cutting through multiple iron bars. How many people do you know who could do that without getting caught?

Design Possibilities

You’re almost certainly familiar with the kind of bland, iron door and window grills used to guard city brownstone windows. If you haven’t seen them in person, you’ve probably seen them on TV. However, these are designed to be simple to make, cheap to buy, security solutions. The design isn’t what’s important, the function is.

So, are iron door and window grills as functional when they look great? Of course! An iron door grill with a beautiful pattern of flora and hummingbirds on it is just as hard to get through as one with plain bars. Iron window grills full of swirling art nouveau are still made of iron. So, your security can look amazing even while protecting your home.

Safety Release for Emergencies

One of the major drawbacks of older window grill designs is that they’re made to be impenetrable… from both sides. This is a massive safety hazard. These grills can’t be just drilled into the stone of the house. They need to be attached to anchors drilled into the stone of the house. When window grills are attached to anchors instead of directly to the house, they can be fitted with safety releases that are only accessible from the inside. Ask us about window grill safety releases to learn more about what we have to offer.

Custom Designs in Toronto

If you have custom designs in mind, we can make them happen. Don’t limit yourself to the stock designs that everyone is using. Do you want a specific flower present in your front door grill? We can make it happen. Are you interested in including a family crest? We can do that too. Just let us know you’re looking for custom grill designs and we can chat about the possibilities.