How to Restore a Rusty Wrought Iron Fence


Your elegant wrought iron fence provides both aesthetic beauty and protection for your home. However, over time, regular maintenance will help make your fencing last. Follow these simple steps to restore any wrought iron fence designs.

Remove Rust

The first task would be to remove any old rust or paint. Manual sanding works with most wrought iron fence designs. Call a professional if you need additional help. They can help restore your fence to its original state. You want to address rust when you see it. When left to its own, the rust can spread and damage the structural integrity of the fence.


Fortunately, wrought iron fences do not need much maintenance and repair. You need to use rust neutralizer to help rustproof the metal. This prevents rust from re-appearing over time. This will help with regular maintenance. Avoid unwanted rust and damage.

Rust Inhibiting Paint

After you have removed any rust or paint chips, be sure to paint the metal fence with rust inhibiting primate and paint conditioner. Use several layers of primer before coating your fence. Enjoy a much smoother finish. Then paint the fence. Be sure to cover the fence with at least two very thick coats of the rust proofing paint. You want your fence to be protected from moisture, weather, and time.

Regular Maintenance

Always check your wrought iron fence for any rust, damage, loose sections, or chipped paint. Address these issues immediately. Never force a loose fence post to make it straight. If you have significant damage and rust, call the professionals to repair and paint your fencing. You may do further damage if you attempt to fix a loose post incorrectly.

Contact the fencing professionals at Master Iron to repair and install superior wrought iron fencing. We provide the high quality craftsmanship you need to ensure your fencing lasts for a lifetime. Call us today. We are ready to answer any of your questions.