How To Prevent Slick Stair Railings

How To Prevent Slick Stair Railings

While the number of stair injuries isn’t high (160+ a year), the injuries can be significant. Thankfully, many people who place preventative measures stop the worst ones. The treatment of slippery surfaces helps a lot. But how do you prevent slick stair railings? 

Handrail tape and handrail covers are two of the most inexpensive options for preventing slippery stair rails. Also, ensuring that your stairs have good enough gripping space helps prevent falls from becoming injuries. 

Below, we will provide some additional tips you can use to protect yourself and visitors in the event of slippery conditions. 

Tip #1: Use Ice Melt Before “Opening Hours”

Ice melt, a product your spread along your stairs to melt ice, can be bought at any department store. Having some on hand during the winter season is a necessity. 

Businesses add ice melt to prevent a potential lawsuit. Homeowners add the material to make their return home and keep their families safe. Regardless of your motivation, having some in storage is never a bad idea.

Tip #2: Textured Paint

The use of specific textured paint on handrails can create a non-slip grip. While this isn’t ideal for wooden options, it can be great if you have aluminum handrails.

The use of this paint provides a natural grippy feeling. If your aluminum handrail is already up, you can also seek out liquid grip products that do the same.

For wooden handrails, handrail covers might better serve you. Tape is another option, but it does have a chance to strip the outer surface of your wood.

Tip #3: Perform Regular Checks of Outdoor Conditions

Having regular safety checks will help you out. These checks will change depending on how many stairs you have to worry about. 

If you are a homeowner, checking before you leave and putting a pre-emptive layer of ice melt can prevent most problems. If you are a business, you might perform a check every two hours during regular business hours. 

Tip #4: Give Yourself a Well Lit Path

Good lighting is often a bigger menace than the snow on the ground. Avoiding ice is pretty easy when you can see it. However, it becomes a more significant challenge if you cannot see the icy conditions coming.

You might consider investing in smart home adaptations that activate your lighting upon approach. Otherwise, you can consider leaving your porch light on. An activated porch light deters would-be thieves and preps your space for the darker hours. 

If you do not want to run up your energy bill, you might also consider solar lighting. These specialized lights will charge throughout the day and mount to the ground. 

Final Thoughts 

There are plenty of quick fixes listed above for preventing slips. While we recommend you do all of them, falls are sometimes unpreventable. 

To ensure you are prepped for this, ensure that you have high-quality stair railings meant for easy grip. Contact your team of specialists at Master Iron to ensure you are ready.