How to Make Your Backyard Look Great with Iron Fencing

How to Make Your Backyard Look Great with Iron Fencing

When people think of wrought iron fencing, they might consider intensity and intimidation. However, wrought iron has a strong capacity to make your backyard beautiful. Suppose you want to install wrought iron fencing for protection in your backyard. In that case, you can modify it (or your backyard) to meet your design preferences.

This article will go through some design ideas for making your backyard furniture match your fencing. By the end, you will have some design ideas regarding wrought iron and your backyard.

Boxwood Shrubbery

If you are like most people, the idea of wrought iron appeals to you because of the classic Victorian aesthetic. I mean, who could blame you? Just look at them.

Classy gardens almost always have natural boxwood fencing. This style of natural fencing goes alongside your wrought iron. Boxwood fencing can be a natural walking path for more enhanced gardens; it can also provide you with multiple layers of fencing. This layering does well to provide your home with some natural depth.

Matching Furniture

Have you ever heard of wrought iron furniture? It’s an amazingly dazzling part of your backyard. If you want to go with the Victorian aesthetic, consider buying furniture to match.

You can also request custom designs to be used on your fencing to match your lawn furniture. Whatever color you have it at, wrought iron is more of a design choice over a material.

Colored Wrought Iron Fencing

A lesser-known fact about wrought iron is the fact that you can color it. You don’t have to be stuck with the darkened color. Instead, you can choose colors that include anything from white to gold.

Just be aware that matching your yard with colored wrought fencing can be somewhat challenging. If you are an aspiring exterior designer, this can be a great way to challenge yourself by finding the right combination of security and design.


Wrought iron fencing almost always goes with stone—the stone nails down that Victorian style. In addition, it’s an extra layer of security if you wish to add iron accents to the top of the stone.

While you don’t necessarily have to be stuck with the “fortress aesthetic,” it’s important to note that this style can be pretty ornate. As a result, you may want to get a picture of the idea before planting it permanently in your home.

Stone Pathways

Masonry doesn’t have to be limited to the wall. You can also place it on the ground. Stone pathways are a great way to beautify the path to your home. It also doesn’t have to be a solid stone walkway; you can choose to put chunks of stone along that pathway.

Whatever you choose, your outdoor garden can act as a guideline for those pathways. Try and think about what it would look like as a “whole picture.” Consult a landscaper for details.

Final Thoughts

The Victorian aesthetic that comes with wrought iron fencing cannot be understated. A bit of creativity can make wrought iron fencing into whatever you want it to be. Regardless of choosing a custom front gate or an elegant fence, make sure you contact Master Iron. We have specialists that will bring your idea to fruition.