How to Fix Your Wrought Iron Fence on a Budget


Is it time to fix your wrought iron fence? Learn professional tips on painting rusty cast iron, how to avoid damaging your fence, and more. End up with a beautiful wrought iron fence around your home.

Removing Rust

Before you even start to repaint your fence, it is important to properly remove rust. Painting rusty cast iron is not difficult, but it does take time to remove rust. Start with sandpaper and a wire brush to lightly take away any obvious rust spots. Remove loose paint, as well. Don’t forget to protect yourself with an approved dust mask or respirator.


Besides removing rust and loose paint, you need to remove any dust. A vacuum will take care of this easily. Remove as much dust as you can. Then clean the surface with mineral spirits on a soft cloth. Clean the entire surface.


After you have removed the rust and cleaned off the surface, it is time to apply primer. Make sure the primer is rust-inhibiting to ensure the longevity of your fence. Prime every bit of the fence, not just the rusty parts. You want an even coat that will protect your fence.


After priming the metal fence, it is time to apply the paint. Two coats of metal paint is ideal. Apply with a brush or spray paint. Choose any color you wish, but look carefully at the quality of the paint you use. After the initial two coats, carefully inspect the fence for any missed spots. Enjoy your new-looking metal fence! It may take a little bit of work, but you will enjoy the result.