How Much Time Does It Take To Install A Wrought Iron Fence?

How Much Time Does It Take To Install A Wrought Iron Fence?

When it comes to the installation of fences, time is always a factor. If you have a limited time to install this fence, it’s good to have this information. So how long does it take to install a wrought iron fence?

Depending on how complicated the process is, it can take anywhere from three days to two months. Time factors include the approval process, custom features, the creation process, and additional features.

Below, we will dig into those various time factors and how long they can expand the process.

Getting Approval To Build Your Fence

Any fencing requires approval from your city or homeowners association (HOA) to get approval. The process can take anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks.

The city will check to be sure you aren’t blocking anything important. For example, they won’t allow you to build a fence around a fire hydrant.

The HOA includes design preferences. Make sure you pick a beautiful design, and you should be alright!

The Process of Creating a Wrought Iron Fence

The process of making a wrought iron fence involves no wrought iron. Instead, most wrought iron fences are made using steel, where the iron is taken from the oxygen with small coppers added.

Wrought iron is more of a design choice, as the creation of this material is very out of date. Classic wrought iron is crude and easily broken compared to modern needs.

This process can take a few days to a few weeks. The time changes depending on whether they have a ready-made mold for your fence.

If they don’t, the fence is going to be more expensive and considered custom work. So if you are looking for unique flair, you start to see fence making take up to a month or a few weeks.

Optional Features For Your Wrought Iron Fence

Different people request unique things. When choosing optional features for your wrought iron fence, be aware of how they might impact the cost and time needed for creation.

For example, many like to layer wrought iron fencing with boxwood bushes. These bushes are great for creating natural fencing. In combination with wrought iron design, they act as a low fence to create multiple layers.

Gates made of wrought iron also have unique needs. If you want a motorized lift for the gate, that will cost extra and involve someone with technical knowledge.

It’s essential to get what you want when investing in a new fence, but be aware that these optional features can add several weeks to your project.

Wrap Up – How Much Time Does It Take To Install A Wrought Iron Fence?

Installation of a wrought iron fence varies heavily, taking anywhere from a week to a few months. It’s always good to account for this time, as it allows you to prepare for the build.

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