How Much Does It Cost to Build a Metal Gate?

Many homeowners love the beauty and security of metal fencing. Wrought iron railings and gates provide exquisite décor and protection. Metal fencing has a wide range of costs. Features like custom designs and heavier materials can add to cost. How much does it cost to install a wrought iron gate?

Calculating Costs

The costs of installing metal fencing ranges considerably. Some factors to consider for wrought iron railings and metal gates include:

  • Labor costs
  • Quality of metal
  • Square footage of area
  • Size of the gate
  • Complex fencing configurations
  • Custom décor and components
  • Multiple levels and corners
  • Local price of materials, tools
  • Installation rates
  • Renovation to previous fencing

In general, the cost of a full fencing installation with gate ranges from three thousand dollars to nearly twenty thousand dollars. Gates cost between a few hundred dollars to around ten thousand dollars.


Wrought iron costs more initially than aluminum. However, the material is significantly more durable and has a unique aesthetic quality. You have a few choices in materials:

  1. Ornamental
  2. Plain Black Iron
  3. Galvanized

They range from twenty-five to forty dollars per linear foot. Plain black costs the least amount. Plain black can be used for functional gates. Colors include black, gold, white, green, and bronze options. Galvanized iron has a protective layer of zinc, increasing durability and limiting rust. For a more customized luxurious look, opt for ornamental. Galvanized ornamental metal is on the highest end of costs overall.


Your gate can cost as little as a few hundred dollars for a single person gate to a high end security gate closer to ten thousand dollars. Automation costs extra, as does an ornamental gate that is large enough for vehicles.

Call us today about your wright iron fencing options. We will be happy to help you find the home solution that fits your needs.