How Long Does a Wrought Iron Fence Last?

Wrought iron is a beautiful material that works in many fence designs. But when it comes to using that material, is it as sturdy as it looks. How long does a wrought iron fence typically last?

Historic buildings that last to this day might tell us that wrought iron lasts a lifetime. However, those historical pieces have likely been replaced sometime in the past few years. Ideally, wrought iron that is cared for can last a lifetime.

Below, we will go through how you can be sure that your wrought iron fence lasts forever.

How To Help Your Wrought Iron Fence Last a Lifetime

Unlike wood, you don’t have to deal with many of the short-term rotting issues. Bugs don’t eat metal, but there are still some impacts you need to worry about.

Below are some quick tips to keep in mind for maintenance:

  • Set a cleaning schedule
  • Perform regular inspections
  • Remove rust

Tip One: Regularly Clean Your Fence

While it might seem like an obvious one, it’s easy to forget about cleaning your fence. The whole “out of sight out of mind” thing can become pretty evident if you get wrapped up in rushing off to work. That might be different if you spend a good deal of time outside.

You should use soapy water to remove any debris from the fence. You don’t have to do this often, just about once every few months or whenever you notice any problems.

High winds and rain can heave behind caked-on debris. That debris can lead to more significant problems if left unchecked.

Tip Two: Inspect Your Fence

Inspecting involves a regular look-around at your fence to be sure there’s nothing weird on it. An inspection may reveal some of that unwanted dirt or something else left unchecked.

If you find a worn painting or some unwanted cracking, it might be time for an inspection to become a repair. If the examination reveals multiple issues, it might be time for a total fence replacement.

Most often, you can do little bits of repair yourself. These inspections prevent you from having to make extensive replacements.

Set an inspection date for about once a month. Try associating it with your other yardwork duties to make it easier to remember.

Tip Three: Remove Rust Promptly

It’s common for all metal fences to have to tolerate rust eventually. Rust is the enemy of metal, so you need to remove it before it becomes a problem.

The best way to remove rust is with sandpaper. But if you have small patches of rust, you can also use a standard wire brush.

To prevent rust, you can choose to coat the area with a protective anti-rust spray. Several metal paints come with no-rust properties.

Final Thoughts

A wrought iron fence is made of up sturdy material. While it isn’t typically literal “wrought iron,” metal is a long-lasting material that can last forever. Expect it to last an entire lifetime with proper care and inspection.

To ensure you get a lifetime fence that you can appreciate, contact us today to see what we can provide you.