How Do Your Reinforce a Metal Fence?


Unlike traditional wooden fences, wrought iron fences have more durability and last for decades with minimal maintenance. If you maintain your metal fence it may last upwards of thirty years or more. However, over time, heavy use, harsh weather, and natural wear and tear might mean you need metal fence repair or replacement.

Common Fencing Problems

What are some of the most common metal fencing issues today? You might have issues with the gate or posts shift. Sometimes damage from a fallen branch or vehicle can cause damage. Natural disasters like hurricanes and hail storms can require metal fence repair. Other common issues including staining, rust, or bent fencing.

How to Repair Your Fence

Before you can decide on how to repair your fence, you may need to consider building codes, how serious the damage is, and your overall budget. If you have serious irreparable damage, contact the experts at Master Iron for a free estimate for replacement. We design and install high quality durable wrought iron metal fences and gates in Ontario. Your homeowner’s insurance may cover the cost of repair or replacement.

Oxidation and Rust

Rust can be the biggest problem for wrought iron fencing. Continued exposure to moisture and air promotes rusting. Prevent this with a protective coat when installing the fence. Speak with your contractor about how you can best protect your fencing from rust. Galvanic corrosion may leave your fence weak, ugly, and deteriorated. If you have a very old fence, cracking and fracturing causes air holes and brittleness. An extensive structural failure may require entire replacement. However, if you only have minimal damage, you can address the issue with cleaning and paint removal.

Remove the paint and coating when rust has affected the integrity of the metal. There are a variety of methods to remove the paint and corrosion safely:

  • Hand scraping
  • Chipping
  • Wire brushes
  • Low pressure grit blasting (or abrasive cleaning)
  • Wet sandblasting (not as effective)
  • Dry sandblasting
  • Flame cleaning
  • Chemical rust removal and acid pickling
  • Chemical paint remover

This is a tedious process. You will need to pay especial attention to detail to avoid further damaging the fence. Professionals can provide you with the care and skill needed. They will have the professional equipment needed for more difficult repair. Low pressure grit blasting, flame cleaning, and sandblasting require professional repair.

Most DIY homeowners opt for hand scraping, wire brushing or chipping. These methods are cost-effective and lead to less damage. Light rust and paint removal with these methods is not as effective as other methods. A homeowner removing rust and paint by hand will not remove all the rust.


After removing all the rust, apply paint and a protective coat. Choices in paints and coatings vary widely depending on the material, amount of damage, climate, and more. Call the manufacturer for recommendations for your cast iron fence. Alkyd paints often provide excellent protection and have replaced older lead-based paints. Don’t use latex or water-based paints because of the immediate oxidation that occurs. High performance options like zinc-rich coats, create long-lasting protection. Choose the right combination of coatings to promote long-term durability.

When you need to replace your metal fencing or want to install high quality wrought-iron gates and fencing for your home or business, call the experts at Master Iron. For decades we have provided gorgeous luxury metal gates for our clients. We pride ourselves on superior quality and performance. Call us today.