How Do You Fit Metal Gates?

Wrought iron provides beautiful elegant security for your home and garden. Installing metal gates can involve several steps. From adding heavy-duty driveway gate hinges to positioning railings as a sturdy barrier to secure your home, every homeowner must know these important metal gate installation facts.

Clear the Area

Whether you have our trained professionals at Master Iron install your fence or choose to install metal fencing yourself, you need to clear the area of any debris, rocks, furniture, and other items. Keep children and pets away from the area while installing. Professional installers will collect all necessary tools and parts, like the driveway gate hinges or posts, nearby for easy access.

The process may take a day for smaller fences or several days when installing a very large wrought iron fence or gate. Weather plays an important factor. Try to find a time that does not have much precipitation. It will be difficult to dig holes if the ground is muddy or covered in snow.

Dig the Holes Wider and Deeper for Gate Poles

Installers will make the holes deeper and wider for the gate poles than the standard post hole. Your post hole does not have to deal with the more frequent use and heavier load capacities of the gate pole. You also need extra space for concrete.

Don’t Forget the Frost Line

If you live in an area susceptible to harsh winters and snow, don’t forget the Frost Line. Dig a deeper hole to get concrete below the frost line or about a yard deep.

Measure the Gate

Your gate poles will be as far apart as the width of the door. Check allowance of the gate hardware before digging. Ask our professionals about what type of gates and materials you need for your garden or home. They will help you determine the best type and size of your wrought iron fencing.

Install the Latches High

After you have dug holes for your poles and installed the bulk of the gate, don’t forget to add your latch. The latch should be high, especially if you have children or pets. Contact us about professional wrought iron fence and gate installation. With decades of experience on our top notch team, we can provide you with the quality installation and products that you need. Enjoy the luxury and security of iron fencing. Call us now