How Do You Clean Wrought Iron Railings?

porch-railingsWrought iron railings create beauty and elegant luxury. Whether intricately designed porch railings or an interior stair rails, iron provides durability and grandeur in any home. Knowing how to correctly clean your railing is key to keeping it in pristine condition for many years to come. Though needing low maintenance, here are a few professional tips on how to keep your railings clean.


Nothing can be as distractingly dirty as dust. Interior railings have a tendency to collect dust, unlike outdoor porch railings. Harsh furniture polish spray can deteriorate and damage iron. Avoid anything that leaves a chemical-ridden residue. You don’t want to damage the metal. Use a lint-free microfiber cloth to clean instead. A feather duster lightly swished back and forth removes unwanted dust and dirt from balusters and the railing.

For a Deeper Clean

Perhaps it has been a long time since you cleaned your railing or you just purchased an older home that needs some extra care. Again, avoid any chemicals that will damage the metal. Instead, fill a bucket with diluted vinegar. Soak a towel in the vinegar. Scrub away dirt and grime with the towel. After you are done cleaning with the vinegar, be sure to use a new towel for drying. Don’t leave any excess moisture or dirt on the railing. The railing will look as good as new!


Outside railing can rust over time, especially when it is regularly in contact with moisture or has not been sealed properly. You want to address rust as soon as you see it. If left unattended, rust can deteriorate your fence. Use a dry wire brush to remove flaking rust and dirt. Sandpaper the rust and loose paint. Combine water and commercial rust remover in a bucket, following the instructions carefully. Remove every bit of rust with the wire brush dipped in the solution. Use a steel wool pad for any stubborn areas then rinse with water. Let the railing dry. After you have finished cleaning and restoring the rust, apply at least two coats of high-quality rust resistant paint. Your railing will be clean and restored for years to come.