How a Good Metal Fence Design Complements Fall

How a Good Metal Fence Design Complements Fall

When it comes to choosing a suitable fence design, there are a million options. Those who are inspired by autumn may see the deep browns of a wooden fence, but they are underestimating the use of metal. How do metal fences complement fall-themed designs?

The classic look of metal fences goes well with the sleepy feeling that invokes fall. With the right accents, you can get a metal fence that stands out with a unique, fall design.

Below, we will discuss some additional design tips that enable you to bring out the fall in your metal fence.

Design Tip #1: Wrought Iron and Stone

The classic wrought iron look is amazing when combined with set stone. It gives you a sense of order that is inspired by classic design elements.

Stone found along with corners and the bottom portion of metal fencing is classy. It also brings back the nostalgia of old buildings, which is a perfect feeling associated with the autumn months.

Design Tip #2: Accented Colors On Fencing

The deep browns and golds that are associated with fall colors are great as accents. On metal fencing, there are many examples of a bright gold bringing out a touch of personality to your fences.

With custom design elements, your metal fencing project can stick out with a relatively cheap upgrade. You don’t have to stick to black and gray when it comes to metal fencing.

Design Tip #3: Perfect For Spooky Halloween Designs

While not the only reason for metal fencing, it does give a greater potential spook to your design. Coming up on the wrought iron house or gate is an intimidating site, making your house perfect for Halloween night.

Take advantage of your metal fencing with the creative placement of lanterns and pumpkins. A subtle approach can retain the class of your house while also giving it that spooky vibe.

Other Important Autumn Fence Tips

  • Fall is an excellent time to inspect your fence for damage. Be sure to address any rusty spots or damage before you reach the winter, as it will be difficult to perform maintenance during cold months.
  • Autumn is a beautiful site with trees and limbs falling out from above. Be sure to take the time to look at your fence to remove any debris that would damage your fence. This includes branches and snow.
  • Metal fences are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry too much about removing moisture. This is one less maintenance activity you have to perform as a metal fence owner.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits to owning a metal fence, especially during the autumn season. Metal fences aren’t only easy to manage, but perfect for creating that fall aesthetic. Stone and metal work together to create an excellent sense of nostalgia perfect for that sleepy fall feeling.

If you feel that autumn inspires change in yourself, our team at Master Iron would be happy to help that inspiration come to life. Contact our team of specialists today to see how we can help.