Guide to Buying New Gates for Your Toronto Home

There are many reasons for someone to want to purchase a gate for their property and it’s a feature that is often placed at the front entrance of a home, acting as the first line of “defence” and adding a certain level of privacy to your personal space, shielding you from the prying eyes of the stereotypical “nosey neighbour.” However, gates are not all about security and protection from the outside world; they can be a very attractive element of a landscape too. In fact, adding a carefully selected gate to the front of your property can be the perfect finishing touch and can really help your property to stand out from those that surround it with its neat exterior. Master Iron is a leading manufacturer of customised gates in Toronto, Vaughan and Richmond Hill, and we work very closely with each of our clients to ensure the end product that is installed at their property not only meets their expectations, but that it exceeds them ten-fold. While you might be wondering how we manage to do this time and time again, the answer is actually amazingly simple: Careful planning and flawless execution. While only skilled contractors can pull off the second part of that equation, there’s absolutely no excuse for failing to plan your new gate thoroughly. During this article we’re going to discuss several of the major considerations that you should think about when designing your new gate.

Factors that Should Always Be Considered When Designing Exterior Gates

While many gates look similar, Master Iron never produces exactly the same gate twice since all of our products are custom built to your exact specifications. This ensures that you receive the perfect solution for the “issues” that you are looking to address. Factors that could possibly influence the design of exterior gates include:

  • Primary Purpose – If you are looking at gates as you feel the exterior of your property is “missing something” the design we would recommend to you would be very different to a gate that is tasked with securing a particular area. So the first thing to be aware of is the gate’s primary purpose. It is possible that you wish to purchase a gate that performs both of these functions, which can definitely be done, but if security is one of your main concerns it will certainly limit the materials that you can choose from (high strength metals are the obvious choice such as steel and wrought iron). Also, if the gate will be responsible for protecting your property it should be high enough to prevent intruders from climbing over it and the use of a mechanical or electronic locking system is advisable.
  • Weather Conditions – Another factor, which unfortunately isn’t under your control, is the weather (how we all wish it was under our control though!), as the material external gatesare made from needs to be able to tolerate these conditions. In Toronto, Vaughan and Richmond Hill, gates need to be able to resist large amounts of moisture, searing heat in the summer and freezing cold temperatures in the winter. Wood will typically fall foul of these conditions unless it is regularly assessed and water seal and treatment is periodically applied. The high quality iron gates that we produce are very capable of putting up with these harsh conditions and with a little bit of maintenance they can last for generations.
  • The Surrounding Area – Perfectly designed gates simply slot into the landscape effortlessly because the style of this landscape and the style of the property’s exterior is taken into account. Any gates that you buy must be “appropriate” otherwise they will stick out and draw attention to your property for all of the wrong reasons.
  • How Big Does it Need to Be? – You would be amazed at just how many people start making serious enquiries about a new gate without knowing the dimensions of the space that it needs to fit into. It’s important that when you take these measurements, they are completely accurate as making a mistake could be extremely costly. Master Iron doesn’t leave anything to chance and during the free initial consultation that we always offer our clients, a member of our team will take all of the measurements for you.
  • What’s It Going to Be Made From? – Last, but definitely not least, you need to consider what your new gate will be made from. As previously mentioned, this will most probably be influenced by the primary function of your new gate (security gates must be made from a strong material such as wrought iron). You also have to weigh initial cost against expected lifespan to work out the option that provides you with the most value for money.

When produced to a high standard, exterior gates can be a valuable addition to your home, but if you decide to “cut corners” and purchase a low cost solution you could find yourself with a permanent eyesore in your landscape. Master Iron can ensure that doesn’t happen and produces high quality custom built gates for home and business owners in Toronto, Vaughan and Richmond Hill, in addition to wrought iron railings and metal fences. Contact us on (905) 738-8869 for further information.

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