Five Holiday Decorations for Your Metal Fence

Five Holiday Decorations for Your Metal Fence

When it comes to outdoor holiday decorations, the home, and the yard are probably covered with lights. But if you look outside and realize your fence is bare, we’ve got you covered.   If you want to brainstorm ideas for how to decorate your outdoor space, we have you covered. Here are five holiday decorations for your metal fence.

Decoration Idea #1: Solar-Powered Lighting

The problem with decorating your fence is that it is a bit far from the house. Given that you already have extension cords running to your yard, you might not have the space or length to reach out to your fence.

In this case, solar-powered lighting will likely be your best friend. Without any cable leading to the house, all you need to do is be sure that the panel soaks up a good deal of sunlight. 

While this might be more challenging during the winter, it isn’t impossible. Ideally, you’ll have a couple of good days of having a lit metal fence.

Decoration Idea #2: Decorative Metal Panels

A significant part of having a metal fence is the ability to customize it how you want. This decoration includes unique shapes, colors, and scenery.

Those who love the winter months might love a permanent installation. For example, a forest scene that makes you think of cold winter months and hot cocoa.

In this case, you’ll want custom millwork to appear on your fences and gates. Contact us today to see how you can have a Winter-inspired scene built into your railings or gates.

Decoration Idea #3: A Fence Peeker

While typically left to wooden fences, a fence speaker is meant to look like someone peeking from behind the wall. However, the customarily obscured side will be replaced by nothing, so you’ll need to find a peeker who sits at the top of the fence. 

With a bit of careful shopping (online or otherwise), you’ll be able to find one that won’t look like a floating head on top of your fence. You can also utilize your trees if they are built near the wall, making it seem like someone is peaking from around them.

Decoration Idea #4: Bows Along Your Fence’s Length

The best example of fence decoration I’ve seen is when you make your home look like a present. The gift of being able to stay next to a warm fire (or furnace) is a fantastic feeling.

To objectify this feeling, place bows on your fence rods. You can place as many as you want, but you’ll likely want at least five bars of space between each bow.

Decoration Idea #5: Holiday Yard Signs

These thin, metal wires hold up many holiday signs. But if you don’t believe in a wire’s ability to hold up a sheet of plastic, use your fence for support.

You can choose to point towards scenes you put in the front yard. For example, you might have a Christmas village set up in the front.

You can also choose to have a sign that wishes people the best for the holidays. Decorate as much or as little as you want, and be sure to enjoy that time with your family.