Elegant, Wrought Iron Side Gates for Your Home

Elegant, Wrought Iron Side Gates for Your Home

Is there anything better than a home with a nice garden and a walkway leading around to the back? Maybe not, but that very thing can be improved upon. What is your picturesque yard missing? We think you should consider the addition of a quaint and elegant wrought iron side gate.

Perks of a Side Gate

Having a wrought iron side gate comes with a number of perks – and some of them are functional!

  • A side gate looks amazing and adds to the curb appeal of your home. This is both an ego boost and a potential price boost if you ever decide to sell.
  • It also helps divide different parts of the yard up. If you have a garden and a lawn, putting a gate and fence between them can help separate the two.
  • Additionally, a side gate is a deterrent for people who might otherwise walk through your yard. People without malicious intent don’t tend to feel comfortable crossing visible boundaries.
  • A side gate can be locked, providing additional security – especially if you opt for a tall one.

Wrought Iron Gate Styles

Now, there is the question of style. Wrought iron gates may have a reputation for appearing art nouveau, but you can do virtually anything with them. And, whatever you pick, our iron experts at Master Iron can turn your dream into reality.

  • Gothic designs look exceptionally good beside grey, stone houses.
  • Art nouveau also excels beside stone houses. However, it also works with brick houses that are more 20th century in appearance.
  • A more modern design with simple, vertical bars would pair well with any modern house
  • If you want to up the prestige, you can even get a custom family initial crafted onto it, or a coat of arms

Improved Curb Appeal and Resale Value

As we mentioned, one of the perks of getting a wrought iron side gate is improving the curb appeal and resale value of your home. What exactly does this mean though? It may seem obvious that adding expensive things to your home will make the price rise. After all, people are getting more for their money. However, house prices aren’t so straightforward. What we really mean is, you can double or triple the cost of your gate in your home’s sale price. 

The appeal of a house has such a profound impact on its price, that adding anything that looks good, visibly, increases the price. Yes, it can even increase it significantly more than the cost of the item. This is why it always pays to renovate your home before selling it. If you have the time, hire someone to repaint the kitchen or replace the cabinets. Put in some new railings on the front porch. Or, install a wrought iron side gate to enhance the yard. When you do, give us a call at Master Iron and we’ll be happy to help.