Elegant, Curved, Iron Railings for Interior Stairways

Elegant, Curved, Iron Railings for Interior Stairways

If you’ve got a big, curved staircase in your home, you know it’s a special feature. It’s rare to see a well-maintained home with one of these grand, antiquated staircases bolstering its entryway or foyer. So, even worse is it when something happens to the railing. Unfortunately, old, wooden handrails don’t last forever. In fact, they rarely last more than a couple of decades, even when well-made. Let’s talk about why that is and how some curved, iron railings are the best solution.

Why Old, Wooden Railings Fail

Even the best crafted wooden railings will fail after 20 or 30 years. What exactly does it mean to fail? Well, they might not collapse under a light breeze, but some of the balusters will inevitably break or come loose. The handrail might begin to wobble under the slightest touch. All in all, these wooden railings will fail because they will no longer be safe to rely on.

Railings must be strong enough to hold up under the weight of a whole body falling against them. Antique, wooden railings aren’t likely to be that strong. You do have the option of reinforcing the old railings, if you still have them. However, if you’re looking for a bit of change, we have the solution.

A Change in Design Era

While antique, wooden railings may look neat to some, they’re not exactly the design style everyone is looking for. If your wooden railings are no longer cutting it, consider a switch in design era by opting for wrought iron instead. While carved, wooden railings were big in the 19th century, wrought iron took the architectural design world by storm in the 20th. Most houses built in the late 19th century are similar enough in style to handle the switch to wrought iron very well, stylistically. So, if you enjoy some beautiful wrought iron, you’re in luck.

Elegant, Curved, Iron Railings

Wrought iron railings come in a litany of styles and designs. From art nouveau to sleek and contemporary, it can do anything. If you’ve got a curved staircase, the most important thing you need is for your railings to curve alongside it. Pre-made railings won’t cut it. You need your railings to curve at the right angle at the right place.

The best way to accomplish that is to have a professional in the trade come and measure your staircase. That way, we can make sure your railings are exactly the right size and shape.

Custom Iron Railings From Master Iron

Want custom iron railings? Get curved, iron railings in a design of your choosing, or in a design of your own. We’re happy to schedule a consultation with you and hear about your needs regarding railing design. Just give us a call and we can get started today.