Do Driveway Gates Deter Thieves?

Do Driveway Gates Deter Thieves?

The big gates in front of your driveway are a natural deterrent to people who may think your house security is low. Do burglars see this as part of your security measures? Does your risk of burglary decrease with the inclusion of driveway gates? 

Residential blockades in front of your driveway make it clear that you invest in security preventatives. The inclusion of driveway gates, combined with other security measures, make your house a less appealing target for criminals.

In the rest of this article, we will explore other ways to deter potential burglars.

The Right Fence for Crime Prevention

The inclusion of heavy iron driveway doors provides an excellent method to protect your valuables. However, these doors are but one part of protecting your property. It would help if you also considered expanding some heavy metal fencing to deter potential criminals from robbing your valuable items. 

A heavy metal fence offers the following additional deterrents:

  • This obstacle prevents people from quickly entering and exiting the property.
  • A heavy fence signals additional security to people who would commit more crimes.
  • It is far more suspicious when someone is spotted jumping a fence.

Apply the same to your driveway gates and expect the potential for burglaries at your home.

Other Types of Criminal Deterrents

You can also deter potential suspicious people through the addition of other minor security features:

Keep Your Lights On

Criminals are less likely to invade a house that seems to have people in it. If your light is on, it makes them believe someone is on the inside. Keep your lights on in the windows as a natural sign to others.

A Car In The Driveway

A car in the driveway signals to others that someone is home. Having a second car tells unwanted visitors to stay away.

Motion Detectors and Security Cameras

The straightforward addition of motion detectors and cameras tell potential intruders that there will be an immediate response. These security systems are handy when your home indicates the security companies you work with outside.  

Other Benefits of Keeping Driveway Gates

There are also other benefits to installing driveway gates:

Safety for Kids and Pets

Children and pets are more likely to stay in the yard with a fence around it. The natural opening to that fence is the driveway. With a driveway gate, curious kids and pets are less likely to run through that opening.

Property Value

The installation of a driveway gate increases your property value. It is a unique feature to increase the value of individual homes. 


Many driveway gates have an automatic opening that is in response to your car’s arrival. This convenience ensures that you have control over who enters and exits, but not so much that it is inconvenient for you. 


The addition of a fence around your yard prevents entry from prying eyes. This addition ensures you have control over both a potential thief or a nosy neighbor. The driveway is a natural entry, and most people believe they have free reign. A gate will prevent that. 

Final Thoughts

A driveway gate signal to any potential thief that you are packing impressive security inside your home. As a homeowner, you know the importance of protecting your house during a possible break-in. Gates also extend out to fences, provide many other reasons to include them.