Advantages of metal fences over wooden fences in Toronto

Metal Fences Vs Wooden Fences

Fences are a common features seen outlining the perimeter of many properties in Toronto,Vaughan and Richmond Hill, but they aren’t always installed for the same reason. Sometimes homeowners choose to have fences installed strictly for aesthetic purposes, as if chosen correctly, a fence can enhance the visual attractiveness of the rest of your landscape significantly and add that “finishing touch.” However, fences are also often installed as a result of a need rather than a desire, whether you need a barrier to prevent your hyperactive dog from escaping every time someone walks past your property (dogs can’t resist investigating this further!) or whether you are looking to add some privacy to your yard and keep prying eyes away when you lie down and relax at the weekends. Of course, it’s also true that you may wish to have a fence installed for both practical andaesthetic purposes. Whatever your motivations for having one installed, one of the more important decisions you need to make pertains to the material the fence is constructed from and today we are going to compare two of the more popular options: Metal fences and wooden fences.

Metal Fences
: Are they Superior to the More Traditional Wooden Fence?

Just like when you are in the process of purchasing other outdoor landscaping features such asrailings and gates, the material you choose is of the utmost importance since it can have serious implications with regards to how long the feature lasts, how well it performs and how it looks and integrates into the design of your outdoor space. Nowadays fences, railings and gates can be manufactured from a wide range of different materials, and while metal and wood are two of the more traditional options they remain popular choices. Here’s how metal fences and wooden fences compare:


In terms of landscape features, it’s hard to look past the natural beauty that products made from wood offer, but the appearance of metal fences is often underestimated. Custom produced wrought iron metal fences for example are often selected for historic restorations due to their outstanding beauty and there’s no doubting that metal fences, if designed by someone with real creative talent, can be a stunning addition to any landscape. Having said that, wooden fences remain popular because the material is very easy to use and it adds a very “natural” finish to your yard.


This is one aspect in which metal fences will always come out on top, especially if constructed from either wrought iron or stainless steel. However, it’s essential to carefully select the metal that you choose to have your fence constructed from, since they require varying degrees of maintenance. Wrought iron railings, while an extremely robust material that will resist even the most testing levels of physical punishment, could fall victim to the high levels of annual rainfall we receive in Toronto,Vaughan and Richmond Hill, since it is prone to rusting. Stainless steel metal fences, however, require little to no maintenance at all and often come with extremely long warranties, such is their high level of resistance to outdoor conditions. As you are probably aware, the longevity of a wooden fence largely depends on your commitment to carrying out routine maintenance, as if not properly protected from moisture and the sun’s UV rays, wooden fences could fall victim to rot or start to crack and warp, seriously reducing their usable lifespan.


Have you got a bunch of energetic children that love to run around and spend time in your yard? If so, it’s usually a good idea to select a type of fence that can withstand a beating if required, otherwise you could find yourself having to make constant repairs or even worse, replacing complete panels on a regular basis. Wooden fences are not able to withstand physical pressure as well as metal fences (although aluminum fences are the exception as they can also be damaged relatively easily), and both steel and wrought iron fences are well known for being robust options.

Maintenance Requirements

As already mentioned, if you aren’t prepared to properly maintain wooden fences, don’t expect them to last longer than a few years. You’ll have to sand them down and apply treatment at least once a year, and while this might sound easy, it can be very time consuming depending on how much fencing you have installed. Steel metal fences undoubtedly offer the most advantages in terms of maintenance as they possess a natural oxide film that prevents them from rusting and aren’t at risk of rot or damage from insects. In fact, there’s really very little that can damage them and you can expect them to last for decades without lifting a finger.
If you’re interested in further discussing the many advantages that metal fences offer, contact Master Iron today to arrange a free consultation and take advantage of our many years of industry experience. In addition to metal fences we also produce gates, railings, grates and grills and can be reached on (905) 738-8869.

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