Is Wrought Iron Fencing Expensive?

fencing-materialsLike many homeowners, you probably want to add the beautiful artistry of wrought iron fencing to your residence. With secure fencing materials meant to last a lifetime but a beautiful timeless aesthetic, wrought iron is a classic way to adorn your home with luxury while adding additional security. What are the costs of an iron fence?

DIY vs. Professional Installation

One of the biggest costs to wrought iron fencing is not the fencing materials but the installation. Depending on whether you are simply installing a gate or a do-it-yourself kit or having professional installers add a custom-made fence to your entire estate, you will see very different price points. Expect to pay thousands of dollars whether you are installing yourself or hiring a professional contractor.

For the handy homeowner, do-it-yourself kits are a viable option. They often come preassembled with long panels two or three meters long. You use a system of mounting brackets and posts to assemble the final fence. While these cost less than a customized fence, there is sometimes a drop in quality overall. Additionally, you will be limited to the styles and options available from the retailer. A small courtyard can take at least one day to install by yourself. If you have to install for a much larger area, allow yourself more time.

Professional installation will typically cost twice as much as a do-it-yourself installation. You are paying for the cost of labor and materials. Additionally, the fence may come entirely unassembled from the manufacturer, requiring the experienced team to assemble it before installation.

With professional installation, you are guaranteed better quality, longer lifetime for your fencing, and the options for customized fencing. For homeowners that are not ready for the labor and intensity involved in installing an iron fence, a professional installation is an excellent option.

Two Stages

Fencing is installed in two different stages. The path is cleared for the fence and the contractors dig holes. They install the posts in concrete and wait two or three days for the concrete to harden. Then they start to install the fence panels. Realize that there will additional costs if the fencing is installed on land that is not flat.  


Finally, be sure to maintain your fencing. This is simply done by applying a new coat or repainting the fence as needed. Enjoy your wrought iron fence in your beautiful home.