4 Qualities You Really Need in a Wrought Iron Fence

metal-fenceWrought iron fences bring a classic beauty and security to your residence. Many homeowners need to know what to look for in an iron metal fence. There are a variety of installation and material options. Read on to find the perfect wrought iron fence for your home.

The Right Size

How much iron fencing do you need for your home? Are you just looking to add metal fencing to the garden in the back or are you lining the entire property? Because the amount of fencing determines the cost, both in materials and installation, be sure that you have the right size fencing to fit your needs. Fence panels are often a couple of meters long and can be one-meter-tall or a couple of meters tall. What is the purpose of your fence? Is it just to add aesthetic beauty or are you adding security, as well? Do you want a towering fence or something shorter and more neighbor-friendly? Choose the right size for your home.

High-Quality Materials

What should you look for in materials? The less-expensive kits available from big box stores often look the same as more luxurious cast iron or solid steel fencing, but the reality is that they are often made of tubular aluminum. These are less attractive and not as durable. Solid steel is stronger than aluminum, especially for intricate designs, but be sure the finish includes a galvanizing coating. Choose the right materials for your budget that also provides good quality.

Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your wrought iron fence is relatively easy. Purchase quality materials that will last. Your fence should be coated with a paint that will stand both the weather and natural wear over time. In general, iron fencing is relatively low maintenance. Choosing the best materials at the outset will guarantee your fence will last for decades. Speak to one of our professionals about the best materials for long-term durability.

Top Notch Installation

Many do-it-yourself homeowners are tempted to install their own fence. This involves digging large holes for the post, pouring concrete, and assembling materials. Many kits are made of aluminum or steel for easier installation. However, solid steel and cast iron fences require a professional for installation, although they are more durable. Contact a professional before installation. Enjoy your wrought iron fence for years to come.