3 Things to Consider When Installing Wrought Iron Fencing


Enjoy the beautiful elegance of wrought iron fencing. Providing security and luxury, homeowners have chosen wrought iron for generations. Some items to consider before installing fencing include metal fence cost, size of the yard, materials and styles available, and security.

Installing a Metal Fence

Are you looking to fence your entire estate, just the garden, or your front yard? The overall metal fence cost depends entirely on size. The type of material will also affect the end cost of the installation. For example, installing a small four-foot tubular aluminum fence around the front yard costs significantly less than installing a solid steel then foot fence around an entire residence, complete with custom gate.

Materials and Installation

Your fence can come in a variety of materials: tubular aluminum, solid steel, and tubular steel. Each has its own unique price point, with solid steel being the sturdier and costlier option. The quality of your fencing will depend mostly on the quality of the materials and professional installation. While there are low cost kits available, these often have inferior materials, pickets, and posts that will not last as long as a custom fence. Additionally, a professional will provide a high quality installation that will last for decades.

Overall, iron fences require low maintenance. Watch for rust over time to maintain your fence for decades. Usually removing rust and a fresh coating will protect your fence.

Picket Styles and Security

What is the purpose of your fencing? Do you want additional protection for your home or do you want a more kid-friendly fence? You can choose a variety of picket styles to accommodate your needs. Hand friendly rings are popular around gardens and pools. If you want some security but don’t like the sharp points, you can ask for the quad spear and ball design. A small ball blunts the points at the top of the spear. Traditional triad spear styles provide the most protection and security. Enjoy your wrought iron fencing for generations.