3 Steps to a Beautiful Garden with Decorative Fencing


An elegant decorative fence compliments any garden and home. It adds curb appeal and security, as well as a touch of luxury. Follow these steps to realize your exciting wrought-iron fencing landscaping ideas.

Step 1: Plan Your Garden

Unlike a security fence, a decorative garden fence has both aesthetic and practical value. For example, you can use the fence to showcase a garden feature or prize roses, or to guide visitors to an entertainment area. Other wrought iron fencing landscaping ideas can focus on the foliage, your home’s overall aesthetic style, and even adding privacy. Ask yourself:

  1. What do I want this fence to accomplish?
  2. Do I need privacy from neighbors or additional security?
  3. What features of my home and landscaping can I accentuate with fencing?
  4. How much space will this involve?
  5. Do I want the space to feel open or more private?
  6. Do I need to consider children or pets?

Step 2: Designing the Fence

While there are some cheaper store options for iron fencing, professional fencing has a much longer lifespan, is more secure, and withstands harsh elements. Additionally, you can add custom features that are unique to your taste. A professional will also have expert advice regarding the best way to draw out the beauty of your garden. Decide on the right materials for your home and budget.

Step 3: The Garden Gate

Finally, you want to decide what type of gate you need for your garden. The garden gate will both provide you with an additional elegant feature to showcase your landscaping as well as protect your garden from nosy neighbors, children, and pets. There are numerous options available today, from traditional gates with simple locks to more technology-based gates that have added security and smart functions.

Speak with one of our professionals today. We can help you design the perfect fence for your garden. Help us help you create a luxurious oasis of garden beauty in your own backyard!